Action Projects

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Thanks to everyone for voting on these projects. All the ideas were amazing but there’s one clear favorite, so we’re going to do our best to make it happen:

Teach Kids Skills for Social Enterprise

Could graphic design, editing, or finance skills save a kid from the projects or help them create the next social venture project?

Wanna help? Let us know how–brainstorm with us, get us in touch with nonprofits and sponsors or even teach the kids a few hours a week. Click on the post-it, leave comments or send e-mails to hello [at] with your thoughts, skills, or advice. It’s already got a good start, we just can’t wait to get it done!

And don’t worry, the other ideas aren’t dead in the water. In fact, you may just see some of them popping up in the near future, so if you’d rather help with any of those, get in touch. You can still find them all here.