Urban Next Summit

“If you had to rebuild your city, how would you rebuild it?” Almost three years after Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans is still recovering from a storm that destroyed 80% of the city. While many are still struggling, New Orleans has also attracted thousands of young people from diverse backgrounds, who are passionate about rebuilding an American City in a more equitable way. The city is attracting innovators from top schools like Harvard & Stanford young creative professionals from all over the world.

NOLAYURP, an organization based in New Orleans, and CEOs for Cities are hosting a conference called Urban Next Summit from July 24th – 25th. They’re expecting around 150 young leaders from around the country to help answer questions such as “what makes a city a magnet for passionate young people?” and “how can a city engage this talent and hold onto them for the future?”

Conference attendees will have the opportunity to hear from distinguished speakers, learn about innovative strategies for cities and explore New Orleans is an insider. If interested, you can apply to be an attendee by clicking here. Find out more information by visiting nolayurp.org.

If young innovators around the world had a chance to rebuild a city, what would it look like? I would make all the houses green and move all the roads underground. Ahhh, that would be nice!

Author: adminallday