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One of theessential challenges for exhibitors is to always improve the value of the brand. Completely new and progressive elements need to be added to the existing event marketing mix. Elements that excite the senses of potential customers such as flat screen video clips, images, music and lighting help to develop a unique environment and presentation experience.
An impactful Visual,
smart created exhibitions stand is one that creates,, curiosity interest and choose preferences within a short distance of the stand approach.

Exhibition design effective solutions__

Creative award winning design to your exhibition stand__

Multimedia showcase are another tendency for 2018. These can help make your stand more impressive and draw a boost in traffic. Touchscreen modern technology enables visitors to interact with your company and brand. An interactive
area with touch panels is another possibility.

Extraordinary exhibition design concepts__


The design and style and configuration of exhibition room lighting varies according to many planning parameters. Fore-
most among these
is the architecture of the building with which the lighting is important to harmonise. Other reasons are booth internal proportions, interior design, colour schema, available daylight and, ultimately, the nature of the award winning exhibition design. The way the ambience is shaped by light and shadow is a matter of fundamental importance.

How to create your exhibition stand design__

Effective booth creation and designs related to the purpose of the event implementing the exhibition targets in the designis is a key point.

Franco Stera is Executive MarketingAdministrator at Marketing/Creative Services Activteam on site support, assist throughout exhibitions, exhibitors brand and exhibition marketing objectives.

Trade Shows Can Boost Your Business

Do your business participate on a trade show event once a year? Even for small businesses trade shows are proved to be a very effective marketing tool. There is no need to go for a huge budget to organize an effective presentation and get good results. The number of people event marketing attracts is immeasurable. To draw the attention of potential customers, designing and building custom exhibition stands, is more effective than  other marketing efforts.


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It’s a simple idea: Inspire Action. Change the world. Have Fun. Because doing good shouldn’t feel like a chore.


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