Activteam Exhibition Stand Build Company, Germany

The most effective markers of future success is past accomplishment. In case an exhibition stand build company recently and effectively carried out a project with many similar elements. There’s a high probability they are able to do it again. They’ll have learned dealing with the project effectively and what types of issues could possibly arise.

Find out constructions of most capable exhibition booth contractors in Europe.

They have built stands for HUAWEI, HIUNDAI, Alibaba, Caterpillar, General Electric, etc with a long history of award-winning projects, amazing stand design and construction since 2003.

Their exhibition stand design concepts are amazing and can be found on Google images.

With the understanding of the importance of trade fair presentations and to introduce new products or services, Activteam commitment is headed behind supplying an exhibition booth.
During the design stage understanding, specifications to develop high efficient exhibitions solutions on the fairground. Providing a 3D rendering to preview the project to approach the desired concept.

Complete Service Solutions

Full Service Solutions for exhibitions design construction. Access to experience of 20 years in exhibition design and exhibition booth development, and project management.

Events are truly a time efficient way of customers to see a wide range of goods and services. And following on from the point above, potential customers will react positive or negative depending on many details that consist your exhibition presentation.

Every detail is important, the quality and finishing. It is worth to prepare the exhibition stand and the presentation with partners that have experience and knowledge in the industry.

The project build team

While the project experience of the company is certainly important, the experience of the individuals who will be running your projects may be even more so. Providing their own online administration tool where exhibitors can follow up the real time stage of their projects. Which makes this company unique in the entire exhibition industry.

When selecting an exhibition construction company for your booth project, you want to find out who will be leading your project on a day-to-day schedule. Ask them to provide resumes for key people expected to lead your exhibition project. Including their past projects. This could vary but will typically range from the project executive, project/preconstruction manager, and superintendent. The resumes needs to include the past projects they’ve worked on. Experience over a 20 years period in the exhibition business. The company is well-known for processing complex specifications and requirements.

With detailed resumes outlining their experience, you’re able to evaluate which team has the best experience for your project. check out for.

  1. Testimonials, References, & Reviews
  2. Understanding & Valuing Your Goals

The last, but probably most essential thing you’ll want to consider when searching for an exhibition stand build company is that they are dedicated to understanding and undertaking your vision of the project.

” I am writing to recommend Activteam company for exhibition
design and building services. I’ve had the enjoyment of working directly with Mr. Patrick Winkler on a number of exhibition stand projects in past times and most recently at the Anuga exhibition.”

“Activteam has met and exceeded our exhibition presentation program.
Scheduling within the construction industry is typically an art form in itself and Mr. Howard has been able to effectively meet project schedule requirements. He and his crew have been able to quickly adapt to schedule changes from other subcontractors in order to keep his schedule on
time and aligned with the overall project schedule. In addition, Activteam has been exceptional when dealing with unforeseen conditions and potential change orders.
Please consider Activteam for your construction service needs. I recommend them and look forward to working with them again.”

A provider of exhibition stand design, technical, professional and stand construction services, including all aspects of architecture, engineering and construction. With longtime experience and know-how of exhibition presentation and marketing.

Another important step in evaluating your options is to see what past clients and other business partners are saying about them. Testimonials, references, and reviews all give you insight into what it’s really like to work with the company. Looks for mentions of the quality of their workmanship, their collaborative approach, and their willingness and ability to work through issues as they arise.

Make Your Research

While it may take some time to seek out these references and testimonials. Hearing directly from past clients and business partners will give you a clear sense of what it’s like to work with a building company.

You would like the construction team that can deliver the best task for the least amount of money. However, showing priority for cost above everything can be a risky approach.

Instead, you’ll need a construction team that isn’t only committed to working within your budget. But will achieve this while considering overall value.

When looking for bids, it’s important you look at them holistically instead of just the bottom line. If one bid is significantly less than others, you may want to take a deeper dive to discover out why. Did that company miss something? Are they cutting corners now to get the project?

Although it can certainly be tempting to choose the team with the lowest bid, this could end up causing major headaches down the road. You want to weigh costs right alongside the other items on this list.

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