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Activteam with 20 years in creating one of the world most admired brands. Customer, faith, and convenience have been core values since the company as a stand construction and design service in 1997. Today the corporation uses labourforce to design-build Unique designs and exceptional exhibition booths for international acting corporations, well-known brands that search for a qualified exhibition technique. Targeting to improve they brand name, and to support the exhibition marketing activities and to promote new products and services.

Activteam has actually effectively developed, trained, qualified and highly capable employees who are able to supply innovative design, quality production and build up, allowing the project close to the budget considering your financial plan. Our passion is serving and supplying assistance to businesses in the field of making ingenious exhibition stands. This passion ensures you not simply exceptional custom exhibition stand layouts that will definitely leave a mark in the minds of the target consumers, however more notably the results that will bring the overall success of sales and earnings.

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The concept of the exhibition style creates a guideline from which the design elements of a stand can be chosen, and the promotion instruments can be chosen and finally applied style supports the decision-making process in the run-up to the exhibition. (Useful techniques to engage visitors to your Trade Show)

If you targeting is to add a little bit of mystery to your stand, then you can go ahead and make it look darker yet welcoming nevertheless. The aim here is to make your stand appear to be an inviting spot where folks can feel free to ask for information. (How to create an appealing exhibition gallery)

* Use lights and colors to provoke the reaction that you want. Guarantee that the colors that you use for your exhibition stand designs help make your booth stand out. Colors are powerful as they are able both set the mood and draw your audience. There are colors that will produce certain emotional reactions from customers. Determine what colors are likely to hit the right buttons with your visitors.

* Create your stand more open. Prevent anything that would block the way of your intended target audience or the visitors. The placement of the elements in the stand as well as with the booth itself should invite people in. If you intend to have some action in your stand, plan your visitors effectively so as not to cause crowding. (Stunning Exhibition Design Gallery to attract Customers)

* Provide a space for giveaways. Almost everyone loves freebies. You want to be ready with examples of your products or even simple giveaways like pens, pins, or candies.

Activteam creates engaging exhibition stands and custom exhibits, either way, domestic and overseas exhibitors exhibiting in Europe.
Activteam is one of the premier custom exhibition stands contractor in Europe. We work with marketing professionals to completely understand their brand objectives and our consultative style allows us to create impressive exhibition experience through outstanding stand design, top rated exhibition service, and smart audience engagement techniques. visit this page
Exhibition booth design and the environment is a major determinant to and to engage with new products on the fairground. On the other hand, exhibition stand elements such as color, lighting, signage and visual booth design have a direct effect on the buying decision-making process. One of the key challenges for exhibitors is to continuously add value to their brand. New and impressive elements to their existing exhibition presentation mix are crucial. We design exhibition stands that work. Our in-house team of creative exhibition stand designers will inspire you with there projects and work alongside you to evolve a concept right through to final 3D presentation. With imagination together with exhibition marketers to create a first concept for every exhibition industry and brunch.
. Cost effective solutions.
. Innovation in manufacturing technology, materials and finishing, realization capacity for sophisticated solutions.
. A wide spectrum of solutions for exhibitions.