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alldaybuffet has nothing to do with food. But, it has everything to do with filling our hunger to do good. alldaybuffet connects likeminded people by bringing together the things we like with the things that matter most. equal parts event filter, party planner, social network and think tank. Think Flavorpill on a Mission. Ed Banger with a Social Spin. Japanther for Cancer, etc… There’s a buffet of good options to choose from, we just want you to get full on good.

It’s a simple idea: Inspire Action. Change the world. Have Fun. Because doing good shouldn’t feel like a chore.


as young creative beings, we have millions of hours of brainpower waiting to be tapped and thousands of arms waiting to build a difference together. we possess a global awareness – an active and informed opinion on the major issues of the day. we have a stake in improving our communities and exercising a powerful voice that can make a difference.

yet there is an overwhelming amount of appealing options out there and for many of us ‘changing the world’ isn’t one of them. it’s not that we don’t care; we don’t think we have the time to care.

we need a community, or rallying point, to drag us out of our comfort zones, connect us, and get us inspired and involved. we need activities and accessible forums that allow us to express our ideas and utilize our talents to affect change. we can all make an impact if we work together despite our full time jobs and busy social schedules. we can all become social entrepreneurs. working and thinking together, we can make much needed improvements.

alldaybuffet is all about breaking conventions and transforming our assumptions about what it means to “do good.”


alldaybuffet is equal parts an event filter, party planner, social network, and think tank.

we produce and promote appealing and accessible events that we’d want to be at anyway, but that also, in some way, raise awareness, generate discussion, and/or inspire action to make the world a better place.

we learn, write, and talk on and offline about the kind of things that interest us, but that are also connected in some way to improving the world.

we facilitate connections and grow a diverse community of likeminded and creative individuals in order to draw upon our varied talents to do positive things, whatever they may be.